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Melanie Jame Wolf, on the other hand, examines ancient communication forms such as gossip, judgement, rumor and justice, using contemporary artistic methods with a pastiche of classical myth. Nemes was created especially for this occasion, and can only be experienced with on-the-spot viewer registration. The format of this evening is open and self-directed in an assemblage of ongoing productions throughout the space.

This allows viewers to coordinate and control the duration, level of immersion, and overall experience of each piece in a way that reflects the dramatic shifts in media consumption heralded by the digital age, a kind of choose-your-own-adventure world. Klimata is a year long interdisciplinary project of the performance series Montag Modus, curated by the collective MMpraxis.

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Over the course of , Montag Modus invites artists from both visual and performing arts as well as a writer or cultural scholar to contribute to the given topic. In Cabinet of Happiness Dragana Bulut examines the promises and methods of positive psychology. By appropriating various forms of coaching, she explores the questions behind the ideology of happiness today and the way in which the pressure of happiness choreographs our behaviour and affects the creation of subjectivity.

What are the ways in which happiness becomes a commodity? Visitors have an opportunity to join different coaching sessions, each with a different approach and aim.

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Anyone who knows and uses the right techniques will be happy, or that is the promise at least. The underlying idea is not only to think about the boundless promises made by life coaches, but to experience these methods and its paradoxes.

phrases, sayings, proverbs and idioms at

Her performances examine the way feelings, wishes and fears are commercialised. Dragana Bulut is a Berlin-based artist from Belgrade working with choreography and performance. Through appropriating different social formats she creates performances that ground on tension between immaterial and material, object and affect, realty and fiction. It is then that Satan shall fall like lightning from the sky. Nemes is a Hungarian poet and critic. He is a co-founder of the contemporary poetry blog and artistic collaborative Telep and the fanzine Technologie und das Unheimliche.

His text written for Montag Modus Klimata 1 will only be available during the evening, with registration.


Throughout the evening the curators of MMpraxis will create a digital lounge featuring a live sound installation from Mars Dietz. Very good Average Poor Terrible Traveler type. Time of year. Language All languages. All languages. French Dutch 1. See what travelers are saying:. Selected filters. Updating list Reviewed 5 days ago via mobile. Google Translation. Date of visit: September Reviewed June 11, Date of visit: June Reviewed April 4, via mobile.

Date of visit: April Chantal L. Reviewed January 22, via mobile. Date of visit: January Reviewed September 16, Date of visit: August Reviewed August 15, via mobile. The first was a visitor to the area who had asked if he might paint in the grounds of the big house; the second was a young relation of Sarah's previous employer who had become a friend and wanted to see how she was settling into her new job; and the third was Lucilla's cousin, whose father was making plans for the pair.

As the story played out and I found out more I really wasn't sure who to cast in each role, and I changed my mind a few times as the plot twisted. There were some developments that I could predict, but there were also some wonderful surprises, and I didn't work out everything until the very end. I probably should have worked it out, but the story stays close to Sarah, I learned things as she did, and I didn't want to step away from her.

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She was a wonderfully independent and spirited heroine, who was quite ready to go out and do whatever she could to sort things out, and I liked her enormously. I also loved her car - The Bomb - a wonderful character in its own right. The evocation of the time and place is very well done; and I was particularly taken with the contrast between the gilded lifestyle of the Hildred family and the dark shadows cast by what was going on and by what has happened in the Great War.

This book is more romantic suspense than vintage crime.

I am quite certain that Miss Silver would have worked out what was going on in no time flat, and sorted out Aunt Marina's knitting - she dropped a ridiculous number of stitches - but I had no reason at all to regret her absence. The story and the characters were engaging, the psychology was interesting, and I was very impressed with how much Patricia Wentworth could do with a very small, tight cast. The final act was a little contrived, the romance had the author's usual failings, but it was wonderfully dramatic and it was satisfying.

My only real complaint is that the ending was a little too quick, and I would have liked to stay with Sarah for just a little bit longer to see more more reaction and to actually see what I thought would happen next. I'm not sure that this is my absolute favourite Patrician Wentworth stand-alone - I loved Silence in Court and I loved Kingdom Lost - but they are quite different and so I really don't want to choose between them.

I'll just say that this was definitely the right book at the right time. View 1 comment. Lucilla is an orphan who and heir to the Hildred fortune.

Klimata #1 Touch and Go

One uncle having gone missing, presumed dead and her father and other uncle also dead. Lucille has had a couple of lucky escapes and someone seems to be threatening her life, one or two strangers have appeared on the scene too. Can Sarah find out who is after her and help her out. These early Wentworth mysteries are good fun, on the whole,but there is not much substance to them.

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A bit of light entertainment. This is part of a major project to republish all 33 of her non-Miss Silver mysteries, some of which haven't been in print or available for many decades. The remaining 23 will be published in a further two batches in June and July. The first ten include the four Benbow Smith mysteries, featuring the eminence grise Benbow Smith, and his loquacious parrot Ananias. Patricia Wentworth Dora Amy Elles. I only chanced upon Patricia Wentworth after seeing this book was a free download for the kindle app.

It is a Golden Age Mystery those classic murder mystery novels of the s and s. I also felt the ending was rather sudden after the suspenseful build up. This romantic suspense story is one of Wentworth's very best and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read. The hero is one of my favorites so far, having now read about half of her books.

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A very satisfying tale of an heiress on peril and the intrigue surrounding her and those closest to her. Jun 04, Sep rated it it was amazing.

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With the recent death of her uncle, Lucilla has become quite rich, and as mystery reader knows heiresses are prime candidate for murder. Yet, yet, time again Lucilla escapes with her life. Written in , "Touch and Go" is a mystery about who is trying to kill Lucilla or is she the one causing all of her near accidents as an attention getting device. Much of the book is from the point of view of Sarah Trent, hired companion and governess. A Frenchman, an American and a cousin named Ricky for With the recent death of her uncle, Lucilla has become quite rich, and as mystery reader knows heiresses are prime candidate for murder.

A Frenchman, an American and a cousin named Ricky form the obligatory group of young, single men that appear most often in Wentworth mysteries. Miss Wentworth wrote a contemporary in but today it gives us a wonderful slice of the past. Lucilla's father and his two brothers fought in World War I and its affects are still grieved. Her father died.

One uncle disappeared. The third uncle came home, probably shellshocked though they never use that term and spent the rest of his life in a hospital. Cars are so new that one of Lucille's elderly relatives forbids her to ride in them.