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Next-generation LHC: CERN lays out plans for €21-billion supercollider

Exploring field-induced remnant magnetization traps for Rb atoms. Production of radioisotopes in reactors with a hard neutron spectrum. To execute a multi-line block of code, select the block and press "Enter. For linux or Windows instructions, consult the documentation specific to that platform. The local server runs on the same machine as the SuperCollider application, but is a separate program, 'scsynth'.

Note: By default the interpreter variable s is set to the local server at startup. For further information see the Server helpfile.

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We can also create a server to run. To create a server object we need to provide the IP address or the server and a port number. Port numbers are somewhat arbitrary but they should not conflict with common protocols like telnet, ftp http, etc.

SuperCollider rc1 - Development - scsynth

The IP address This is the IP address to use for running a server on your own machine. It is not possible to boot a server on a remote machine, but if you have one running already or you know of one running, you can send messages to it. You create the server object using the IP address of the machine running the server and the port it is using. See those helpfiles also for some simpler ways of working with Synths.

This tutorial explains the basic underlying design of Synths and SynthDefs.

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Create a SynthDef. A SynthDef is a description of a processing module that you want to run on the server.

SuperCollider 3.7.2

It can read audio from the server's audio buses, read control from the control buses and write control or audio back to buses. Here we will create a sine oscillator and send it to audio bus zero. Start the sound. Each synth running on the server needs to have a unique ID.

SuperCollider Tutorial: 18. MIDI, Part II

This will automatically allow IDs to be reused, and will prevent conflicts both with your own nodes, and with nodes created automatically for purposes such as visual scoping and recording. Each synth needs to be installed in a Group. We install it in group one which is the default group. There is a group zero, called the RootNode, which contains the default group, but it is generally best not to use it as doing so can result in order of execution issues with automatically created nodes such as those mentioned above.

SynthDef has two methods which send the def automatically, load which writes it to disk, and send which sends it without writing it to disk.