Lectures on Topics in Algebraic K-Theory

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  2. Twisted iterated algebraic K-theory and topological T-duality for sphere bundles - INSPIRE-HEP
  3. Lectures on topics in algebraic k-theory
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Some research papers

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Twisted iterated algebraic K-theory and topological T-duality for sphere bundles - INSPIRE-HEP

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Paris , , A67— Paris , , A—; MR , 45 Paris , , A— Nauk , 24 5 , 3—86; MR , 42 ; Russian Math. Surveys , 24 5 , 1— Mennicke J L, "Finite factor groups of the unimodular group", Ann. Milnor J, "Whitehead torsion", Bull. Milnor J, "Algebraic K-theory and quadratic forms", Invent.

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Milnor J, Introduction to algebraic K-theory , Univ. Mishchenko A S, "Homotopy invariants of multiply-connected manifolds. I, II", Izv.

Lectures on topics in algebraic k-theory

Moore C C, "Group extensions of p-adic and adelic linear groups", Inst. Ecole Norm. Novikov S P, "Algebraic construction and properties of Hermitian analogues of K-theory over a ring with involution. SSSR Ser. Quillen D G, "Higher algebraic K-theory. I", Lecture Notes in Math.

Summer Semester 2018

Ranicki A A, "Algebraic L,-theory. I, II", Proc.


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