The Next Steps in Reshaping Intelligence

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  4. The Next steps in reshaping intelligence
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Kiosks that recognize you.

Healthcare Reimagined with Artifical Intelligence

Your favorite barista knows your favorite coffee drink. This kind of convenient familiarity comes at a cost, though: usually you have to wait in line to get it. What if you could avoid the line altogether and get the same personalized treatment at a kiosk? Kiosks that use a camera to recognize regular customers are available today as a part of self-order technology. The tech makes suggestions based on your previous order history. This tech is already in use at places like Wow Bao, as well as the fast-growing high-end burger chain BurgerFi, among others.

Intelligent automation: how to reshape the future of work

Once you opt in to facial recognition, you can reorder and pay for your favorite dish in less than 10 seconds. Instead, guest facial geometry is stored only for the purpose of looking up previous orders. This data is not tied to credit cards or other personal information and can only be captured once guests have given their consent to opt-in.

Better scheduling capabilities. As more cities and states consider predictive scheduling mandates for hourly employees, the ability to create and communicate work schedules in advance is becoming essential for many restaurant operators. This critical task is time-consuming and complex without the help of technology that can forecast labor demand, handle on-call shifts, and allow employees to swap shifts with little intervention from the manager. Today, AI powers this kind of functionality. When connected with a cloud-based POS, scheduling software can also factor in granular information that could boost the bottom line.

For example, it could determine which of your staff tends to do the most up-selling, and give those team members priority for high-volume shifts. Integrated inventory and purchasing. POS systems that fold in inventory and purchasing capabilities can create efficiencies and reduce losses.

When these functions are integrated into the POS, they can track and order based on actual food sales, menus and recipes. By comparing this up-to-the-minute information with your actual supply levels, you can determine whether your kitchen staff is adhering to recipes and portion sizes and potentially uncover sources of waste and theft.

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Automating these tasks using an AI-powered integrated restaurant management solution eliminates guesswork, ensures the right supply levels and removes one more item from your to-do list. And they can put it to work for you.

The Coming Competition Between Digital Authoritarianism and Liberal Democracy

Imagine if your restaurant management platform could predict a spike in foot traffic and fruit smoothie sales based on factors such as weather forecast and local events for example, a family fun run sponsored by a nearby fitness club for its grand opening. Your system could predict how many crates of fresh fruit to order, as well as suggest staffing levels timed with that event.

Alternatively, imagine if throughout the business week your restaurant management platform could suggest staffing levels based on weather, proximity and sales of businesses with similar menus, sales history, and more? Or even automatically suggest pricing based on cost of ingredients and actual prices charged by businesses nearby?

Design: Using AI to inform fashion decisions

Or perhaps recommend a discount or special offer on menu items that use a perishable ingredient you have an unexpected overstock on? Modern AI makes all this and more not only possible, but manageable. Delivery mapping and management tools. As delivery gains in popularity, the ability to optimize delivery routes becomes more important to ensure speed, efficiency and food quality.

Self-serve options. But elsewhere, self-serve kiosks and tablets are gaining favor as a way to speed up service without sacrificing the human touch. They make the most sense in high-volume quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, where guests are happy to browse the menu at their leisure, tap in their orders and handle payment in exchange for skipping lines.

Studies have shown that self-order, whether at kiosks or at tables, encourages higher check averages and results in healthier sales. Guests seem to appreciate the ability to spend time studying photos, ingredients, and nutritional information, as well as easily request more food or drinks as the meal progresses.

The Next steps in reshaping intelligence

Expect to see more of these types of applications. Your customers and employees have already embraced digital in their personal lives. The five times weekly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the latest industry news and additions to this website. Skip to main content. Subscribe to E-Letters. Start to Finish: What Inspires Execs. Be in the know about smart cities, AI, Internet of Things, VR, autonomous driving, drones, robotics, and more of the coolest tech innovations.

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      Reshaping a Business Around AI: The Machine First™ Approach to Digital Transformation

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